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Hey, I’m HIN ! 


If you are wondering who is behind the camera, this is the right place. It’s me!! It is difficult to sum up myself in an “About Hin” section , but here is something you may wanna know.


Yup I am HIN, a post-00s wedding photographer. I bought my first camera in March in 2019, just before my DSE lol. It was a Nikon camera cuz my dad used to use Nikon as well. And since then, I just start photographing photos, some poor ones.


In fact, I didn’t formally get any kind of tutorial for photography. Just by watching and looking for endless YouTube videos and photos posted by different photographers.


In late-2019, I had an opportunity to be a freelance assistant for a wedding photographer. Since then, I fell in love in shooting weddings. 



It is a great honour for me to be entrusted to document the most important day in a couple’s life. I am always striving to not only documenting what happens in the day, but also capturing every details, creating special moments & beautiful photos.

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